I am a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCSD: Web Applications, Solutions Developer). I have experience in computer science in Software Systems Engineering, and good knowledge and experience on: SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PL/SQL development, C#, .NET, UML, XML, MySQL, Web Services, N-Tier development, Silverlight,, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, Java. Yes! I like video games and football. More details about Thiago Satoshi Suzuki.

Improving Performance using Yield on C#

Hi guys, This is a tip for you who want better performance when executing your programs, and also wants a clean and simple syntax. Let’s understand a little more about Yield definition before we show how to use it. The key word yield indicates to the compiler that the method in which it appears is an iterator. The compiler generates… Read more →

RowNumber on SQL Server

People who had contact with Oracle and already used the function that enumerates the rows of a query (RowNumber) perceive a certain ease to use this functionality. However on SQL Server you are faced with a need to enumerate rows and the famous question comes to your head: How to do it? This post aims to present two solutions for… Read more →

Intellisense for jQuery on Visual Studio

Hi guys, This post is for all WebDevs that use Visual Studio as web development tool. Who never needed to develop something using jQuery and questioned yourself why Visual Studio Intellisense doesn’t work for jQuery? Sometimes we make small mistakes while developing with jQuery, and those little mistakes makes you remember that if we had intellisense we might not do… Read more →

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